Covid 19- Do This at Home- Recipes and Healthy Tips We Can Do at Home

As we all know, Covid 19 is now all over the world. Many people died but still the virus is spreading day by day globally. Some countries are even in lockdown situations. So I thought, we should share what we know and what we can do to prevent these situations. But I need you to understand please wear masks and get vaccinated as soon as possible. That’s the best thing we can do right now. These tips are to boost your immunity and overall health, not to use instead of vaccination.


  • I need you not to be afraid unnecessarily. That increases the Heart Beat and sometimes it can cause difficult breathing. Of cause, we have to be afraid about Covid but only to prevent infection. Don’t overthink and always look for hospitals or medical centers without any other symptoms. Stay home, stay safe.
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  • Next, if you’re an infected person, try to stay home and rest until you really need medical care. As we all know, still there’s no perfect cure for Covid. The best thing was vaccination and now that you’ve vaccinated (if not please go get vaccinated), the best thing is to rest at home. So that, hospitals are able to take care and focus on more urgent patients. If you think the situation is getting worse, then go to a hospital and get medical care.
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While at home,

  • For infected people, drink Coriander once a day or once two days. Don’t drink too many times per day cause that’s also not good. For non-infected people, they can drink once a week or two times a week. Non-infected people Don’t drink every day.
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  • Get Vitamin C as much as you can no matter infected or not. Especially those fruits that contain Vitamin C are recommended more than the tablets. Green Oranges (or any other fruits containing Vitamin C) are highly recommended and eating them in the morning before breakfast is a really good thing you can do these days. Also, Mangoes, before they are totally ripened, are recommended.
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  • As we already know, Lemon Water with Honey is good for our health. It is really good for your Liver and Lungs. To make Lemon Water with Honey. get half of the Lemon and squeeze it into a glass of slightly hot water. Then mix with about 5mili-liters of honey and drink. It’s recommended to drink before a meal but you can drink at any time.
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  • Make sure that you don’t eat or drink any cold food and ONLY eat foods in hot.
  • You can drink plain tea with a bit of pepper. This is good for your lungs.
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  • Don’t get artificial foods or drinks.
  • Eat foods that boost immunity. Pineapples are very good for your immunity. Pomegranates, Grapes, Beetroot, Berries (blueberry, strawberry, etc) are also recommended.
  • Add some Garlic and Ginger for your main meals.
  • Drink Green tea or Black tea as plain teas without milk.
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  • Reduce use of Milk products except for Curd and Yogurt. Curd is recommended as it’s really good for your health and Yogurt isn’t recommended but it’s okay to eat.
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  • DO NOT SMOKE. Smoking damages the lungs and as we all know Covid does the same. Smoking has never been good but especially do not smoke these days at least until the pandemic ends.
  • Vaccinated people can get Vitamin E, about 2mg per day after meal, and a quarter of Red Vine glass a day. It’s okay to have these for non-vaccinated people.
  • Gargle with slightly hot water mixed with a little bit of salt. You can do it every morning and night.
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  • Do breathing exercises. Count how much time you can hold your breath and always try to inhale and exhale through your nose.
  • Do an everyday walk. You can do it inside the home.
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  • Sun Bathing. It is recommended that do it for 20minutes in the first hour after sunrise in the morning or before sundown in the evening. You can know the correct times of sunrise and sundown by searching the internet. Expose your backside often to the sunrays.
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  • It is recommended not to wear Dark Blue or Black color clothes. Black and Blue are cold colors and we all know that Covid is a cold disease. So they can activate or boost the Covid virus. Wear some warm colors like Red, Orange or Yellow.
  • Covid infected people often suffer from headaches and back pain. For headaches, they can massage the Big Toe of the foot. Also, they can put their fingertips of the hand on ice-cold water for 2–3minutes.
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These are some Tips and Good Habits we can easily do at home to prevent from Covid 19. Actually, if you can add them to your day-to-day life, I’m sure you’ll be strong physically, mentally and have a great long live life.

Let’s hope this pandemic situation ends soon and we’ll be able to be normal like those good old days. Protect yourself as you, because you’re the most loving one to yourself. If everyone protects themselves, the virus won’t spread anymore. So, if you do your job, we can end this soon. If you found this article useful, Share this with almost everyone so then they can get a use of this and I really appreciate that. Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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